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Bien Choisir son Rosé pour cet Eté

Choosing the right Rosé for this Summer

A summer without Rosé is like the South without the song of cicadas, unthinkable! To make the most of this wine, here are some tips for choosing your Rosé this summer.

Rosé wine

A minimum of quality

Rosé has long had a bad reputation, as being a bland wine without much interest, only good to enjoy with ice cubes in summer, and even then! However, if we leave the supermarket shelves and grapefruit rosé, we can discover a whole wine world around rosé. It is the star wine of the southern regions, with Provence of course but also Languedoc, there are a multitude of appellations and each has its specificities depending on its terroir. We are a long way from standardized rosé wine at €3 per bottle.

Some Rosés benefit from more or less long aging in vats, they can go very well with an aperitif or with more elaborate dishes of Provençal or even exotic cuisine. And on certain exceptional terroirs such as Bandol, we even obtain rosés which age very well. We share with you our gem of the moment: Domaine de Sinaca Villa - Arômes Rosé

Lovers of expressive and refreshing wines, fruity and floral flavors, Rosé Wine is made for you!

Food/Rosé Wine Pairings

Most rosés will go easily with an aperitif, but you can also offer rosé with more elaborate dishes. With Provençal cuisine, such as ratatouille, Provençal-style tomatoes, you can serve a Rosé M Prestige from Domaine de Suriane which is a gastronomic rosé. More original, serve a Sinaca Rosé from the Domaine de Sinaca Villa , whose grapes are harvested at night.

Appetizer, grilled squid, barbecued lamb chops, vegetable tian, pistou soup, stuffed vegetables.... Here are some ideas for Food/Rosé Wine pairings.

Tasting Tips

The ideal is to serve the Rosé between 8°C and 10°C; for this, place it in the fridge for around 2.5 hours before opening. And if it's hot, don't forget the champagne bucket so that it stays cool throughout the meal, so you avoid adding ice cubes to the wine (sacrilege!).

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