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Cave de service ou Cave de Vieillissement ?

Service cellar or Aging cellar?

Do you have some beautiful bottles that you want to age for a few years? Do you like to serve your wine at an ideal temperature during your meals? Are you hesitating between a service cellar or an aging cellar? We explain everything to you so that you can make the right choice.

The Service Cellar: practical on a daily basis

A service cellar is, as its name suggests, perfect for keeping wines at the ideal temperature for serving. It often takes up little space, so it will have its place in many kitchens and small apartments. You can store between 6 and 40 bottles there for the largest ones.

This type of cellar allows the temperature to be regulated to have bottles ready to be tasted, between 10°C and 18°C. Their price remains accessible, with models starting at €120.

They are perfect for bottles you want to drink right away or within 2 years. Beyond that, we recommend an aging cellar.

In summary :

  • Allows you to serve a bottle at the right temperature
  • Low price and small footprint
  • Ideal for everyday use or for bottles to drink within 2 years

The Aging Cellar: ideal for lovers of beautiful bottles

You love wine and you are starting to accumulate a nice collection of bottles, it is surely time to invest in an aging cellar. This type of cellar allows you to store a lot of bottles and let them age for years in optimal conditions.

You can choose the ideal temperature for aging the bottles. Humidity and hydrometry management are also possible to keep your bottles in optimal conditions. The door of these cellars is often full in order to limit the effects of the sun on the wine.

Depending on the model chosen you can store more than a hundred bottles, plenty to see!

In summary :

  • Allows you to age bottles in optimal conditions
  • Higher price and larger size
  • Perfect for enthusiasts who have a lot of bottles and are buying wine to drink in a few years
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