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Fresh produce and Tarentina & Emkipop ice creams

Only available in our store in Marseille :

the fresh products

Our selection of fresh products is only available in store and through Click and Collect (place your order by telephone ). Below you will find an overview of our selection of cheeses, cold meats and seafood products which vary according to the seasons. See you soon at the store!


Every week , find our selection of cheeses ( goat, sheep and cow ) in store, as well as our new products to delight your taste buds.

the cold cuts

Discover our carefully chosen selection of cold meats in store: ham and black pork sausages from Bigorre , Iberian chorizo , serrano , bresi , lomo , etc. Maison Conquet is featured in our fresh section.

cheese and charcuterie platters

We create your cheese and/or charcuterie platters to order for your aperitifs, meals with friends/family and your professional events.

seafood products

In store, find bottarga from Maison Koskas , caviar from Maison Sturia , smoked salmon from Maison Matthieu or even anchovies and smoked eels from Kalios .

tarentina & emkipop ice creams

Marseille ice cream parlors are in the spotlight in our store. Tarentina ice creams are available in 20 cl or 50 cl pots and Emkipop ice creams are available in sticks



Tarentina began making ice cream and sorbets in the historic Le Panier district of Marseille before moving to a laboratory in the heart of Provence, in Mane, in 2021. The ice creams and sorbets are guaranteed without colorings, artificial flavors, emulsifiers, preservatives and added air . They work with fresh organic milk which comes directly from the Auriols organic farm in the Hautes-Alpes , it is pasteurized in their laboratory. In an eco-responsible approach, all glass jars are returnable.



EMKIPOP was born from the meeting of Emeline and Guillaume who share the desire to surprise by offering to rediscover the flavor and the assembly of ingredients with original frosted recipes. Ice cream sticks made from 75% fresh, seasonal fruit.

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