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Black Kampot Pepper Bag - Max Daumin

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Presentation of the Black Kampot Pepper Bag - Max Daumin

Kampot Black Pepper from Max Daumin is recognized among the best peppers in the world, Kampot black pepper PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is distinguished by its rich flavors and unique fragrance. It offers a slight spicy sensation, accompanied by fruity, vegetal and menthol aromas. With its deep and intense flavors, it reveals floral notes with a delicate touch of eucalyptus and fresh mint. This black pepper is characterized by its subtlety and its strong character.


Max Daumin has always appreciated nature, plants and the use that we can make of them in terms of gastronomy! Naturally curious, he is constantly ready to explore new flavors, scents and aromas. Having inherited the passion for spices from his mother, born in Madagascar, Max decided to reproduce her use of it: always use a freshly ground spice for an explosion of flavors.

All the delicious aromas of spices fade and degrade quickly once ground, so Max Daumin had the idea of ​​storing freshly ground spices in small cartons to preserve their delicious scents from light, air and humidity. humidity. Simply for the taste: Independent sensory analysis demonstrates the taste superiority thanks to the berlingot compared to traditional packaging (glass jar, tinplate):

- for olfactory perceptions: + 56% at 2 months, + 72% at 6 months

- for taste perceptions of: + 44% at 2 months, + 59% at 6 months


Although pepper is found in spice blends, it is widely used as a final spice; it is the spice that is added at the end of cooking or on the table to give the final touch to the culinary picture. Kampot black pepper goes well with red meats but also with all your dishes!


Black Kampot Pepper

Resealable kraft bag Net weight 35 g

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