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A quelle température servir un vin ?

At what temperature should you serve a wine?

Do you love wine and want to taste it like an expert? Wondering what temperature to serve wine at ? Discover our reminder to taste your wine like a pro!

Tasting a wine at the ideal temperature is essential to appreciating all of its flavors. However, not all wines are tasted at the same temperature depending on the type of wine or its color.

In fact, a low temperature brings out the freshness and acidity of the wine, while a higher temperature will reveal silky tannins and more assertive aromas.

The more tannin-structured or complex a wine is, the higher the ideal tasting temperature will be.

To best appreciate each of your bottles, don’t hesitate to print this little reminder!

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  • “[…] De ce vieux vin que je révère
    Cherchez un flacon dans ce coin.
    Çà, qu’on le débouche avec soin,
    Et qu’on emplisse mon grand verre.” Théodore de Banville 🍷

    Simone Réginald

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