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How to serve wine at the perfect temperature?

Do you love wine and want to taste it like an expert? To appreciate all the notes and flavors, each wine should be tasted at an ideal temperature, but you don't know which one or how to do it. Here are our

3 methods for serving wine at the perfect temperature

Method #1: the fridge

Putting your wine in the fridge a few hours before serving will allow it to reach the ideal temperature when tasting.

For a red wine : 1h30

For a sweet white wine : 3 hours

For a dry white wine or a rosé : 6 hours

Wrapping your bottle in a damp paper towel before placing it in the fridge will speed up the cooling time.

Remember that the temperature of the wine in a glass can rise by 2°C in a few minutes, so it is better to serve a wine a little too cold than too hot.

Method #2: Ice Bucket

It causes a somewhat sudden drop in temperature, but it is perfect for keeping a bottle at the right temperature on the table. In summer we also use it with reds (and thus avoid ice cubes, sacrilege!).

Method #3: the refrigerated sleeve

Placed beforehand in the freezer, it is quick and effective for lowering the temperature of a wine.

Can wine freeze?

Pure alcohol freezes at a very low temperature of -118°C. However, wine is made up of alcohol and water, so the freezing point will depend on the degree of alcohol in the bottle. For a bottle of wine with 12% alcohol, it will start to freeze at around -5°C. So you can end up with a completely frozen bottle if you forget it in the freezer.

If you are in a hurry, the freezer option can be considered to quickly cool a wine (but it is far from ideal), especially remember to put a reminder on your phone so as not to forget the bottle (it smells like a real experience). !).

You no longer have any excuses for serving a wine that is too hot to your guests!

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  • Moi qui prenais la température directement de goulot à goulot !

    Simone Réginald

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