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Idées Cadeaux Vins et Spiriteux pour la Saint-Valentin

Wine and Spirits Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Want to surprise your other half with a gift that is as original as it is delicious? February 14 is Valentine's Day , and for lovers' celebration we offer you a selection of gifts perfect for wine, spirits and beer lovers. Discover our 5 gift ideas for all budgets.

Idea #1: Personalized wine box

valentines day gifts

Lovers of Bordeaux red wines? Or great white Burgundy wines? Rather powerful and structured wines or on the contrary elegant and fine wines?
Depending on the tastes of your other half, make them a personalized wine box.
If you have doubts about his preferences, make a themed box:
- A box of wine from the same region: Bordeaux , Burgundy , Rhône Valley , Alsace ...
- A box of wine of the same color: Red wines , White wines , Champagne , Rosé wines , etc.
- A box of wine from the same estate , to discover all the vintages from your favorite estate
- A box of organic wines

Idea #2 : French Whiskey tasting box

Whiskey lovers, introduce them to Bellevoye Whiskeys , 100% French whiskeys, already served at the Elysée. Representative of the best in France, these Whiskeys are aged in Sauternes or Saint Emilion Grand Cru barrels. With this elegant box, he will be able to discover the 3 vintages, all as different as they are delicious.

Idea #3 : A vintage that is dear to him

Want to celebrate the year you met? Where did you celebrate your wedding? Or his year of birth?
Give him a bottle of wine from this special year’s vintage.
For birth years which are often much more difficult to obtain wines for a reasonable budget, opt for a spirit. Cognac, Armagnac , the big houses, like Darroze , often offer vintages with old vintages, to order. Do not hesitate to ask us for prices by email.

Idea #4 : Box of Beers

Your other half prefers hops and very cold beers, opt for a craft beer box . French micro breweries are booming and offer all kinds of beers, each more sophisticated than the last.
Blonde , brown or white beers… IPA , classic or flavored , there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Idea #5 : Tasting accessories

For wine and spirits lovers, there are dozens of tasting accessories that will always please:
- Wine, whiskey or beer tasting glasses;
- Carafe to aerate or decant;
- Personalized corkscrew with engraving;
- Granite ice cubes to cool your alcohol;
- Air vacuum to better preserve an open bottle of wine;
- Etc

All you have to do is make your choice and enjoy a beautiful Valentine's Day with your partner!

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