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Quels vins pour accompagner vos crêpes à la Chandeleur ?

What wines to accompany your Candlemas pancakes?

Candlemas is in a few weeks and you are wondering what to accompany this mountain of pancakes that you are going to enjoy? Do you want to surprise your guests with original food/wine pairings ? Or on the contrary you prefer to focus on more classic combinations to please as many people as possible, discover all our recommendations. Find on our E-Shop all the essential products for a successful candle holder .

What wines to accompany your Candlemas pancakes?

🥞 The safe bet: Cider


Cider is THE safe bet for Candlemas for an ideal food/wine pairing! Made from apples, which are crushed and then fermented. Cider has a low alcohol content, and it can go well with many dishes.

Raw cider

To accompany a savory crepe, the classic ham-egg-cheese, raw cider is recommended. This is the traditional pairing, Breton buckwheat pancakes go wonderfully with cider from the same region.

Semi-dry cider

To accompany sweet pancakes, this time we will rely on semi-dry cider. It will bring more roundness to the palate and its slightly sweet taste will go perfectly with sweet pancakes. We particularly recommend that you top your pancakes with homemade cinnamon applesauce for an ideal food/wine pairing.

🥞 Originality: Dry White Wine, Red Wine or even Beer

salty crepe wine

And why not this year focus on more unexpected pairings and serve your pancakes with a dry white, a light red or even beer. Depending on the topping offered, you are spoiled for choice.

Dry white wine

To accompany savory buckwheat pancakes, you can also opt for dry white wine.

This type of wine goes perfectly with a classic ham-egg-cheese garnish; we particularly recommend a white Anjou with notes of white-fleshed fruit, citrus and a very mineral side. You can also enjoy them with a white wine from Bordeaux, such as the Cuvée Hyppos from Château Majoureau , a lightly wooded white wine for more roundness in the mouth.

If you opt for a seafood garnish, a dry white wine will also be ideal, a very mineral Chablis will enhance the seafood in a buckwheat pancake.

Finally, if you want to accompany a buckwheat pancake with goat cheese, a dry white wine will also be the ideal companion, with a Graves for example.

Light red wine

Depending on the filling of your pancakes, you can also enjoy red wine at Candlemas. With a sausage or meat pancake, you can opt for a light red wine. Choose a wine with little tannin and light so that it does not take over the cake. We instead recommend Beaujolais wines, such as a Morgon . This type of red wine with its fruitiness and soft tannins goes well with your savory pancakes.

Some beer

If you want a change, beer is a good alternative. Blanche or Blonde will accompany you throughout the meal. Dark beers will be perfect to accompany chocolate pancakes, amber ones for salted butter caramel pancakes.

All that remains is to fry the pancakes and enjoy!

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