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Quel vin boire en automne ?

What wine to drink in autumn?

Have you spent the last 3 months enjoying grilled meats, drinking white wine and rosé? Autumn is coming and you don't know how to accompany good seasonal dishes? Follow our guide to discover the best food/wine pairings for fall !

What wine to drink with pumpkin risotto?

Autumn is the great squash season. Pumpkin, butternut, squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkin appear in all our meals. You can enjoy them in different ways:

  • Pumpkin soup ;
  • Pumpkin risotto;
  • Patisson gratin;
  • Roasted pumpkin with Provence herbs;
  • Spaghetti squash bolognese.

To find a good food and wine pairing with pumpkin and other pumpkin dishes, choose a dry white wine if it is a soup. The white will contrast with the texture of the dish and provide an interesting contrast.

If the squash is roasted, gratinated or cooked, you can choose a light red which will highlight it. A Beaujolais wine or a Loire red for example.

If you are enjoying a pumpkin-based dessert, such as pumpkin pie , we do not recommend a sweet wine, as it will only weigh down the dish. Instead, choose a dry white wine or a sparkling wine .

What wine to drink with pan-fried mushrooms?

Autumn is also the start of the mushroom season. They accompany your vegetables and meats:

  • Mushroom fricassee (girolles, trumpet of death, morels);
  • Porcini mushroom risotto;
  • Stuffed mushrooms ;
  • Creamed mushrooms.

To enhance their undergrowth aromas, you can accompany your pan-fried forest mushrooms with a Bordeaux red wine . The tannins and notes of Bordeaux wines will highlight your chanterelles and morels.

You can also opt for a Pinot Noir with a Burgundy wine . Lighter, it will allow a dish of stuffed mushrooms to fully express itself.

If you are enjoying a mushroom risotto, you can accompany it with a white wine made from Chardonnay. This emblematic grape variety in the Chablis region will be the perfect food/wine pairing .

What wine to drink with beef bourguignon?

With the arrival of autumn, do you want a good slow-cooked meat dish? French cuisine is full of specialties, each more delicious than the next:

  • Beef bourguignon ;
  • Provençal stew;
  • Lamb stew ;
  • Veal stew.

According to tradition, beef bourguignon is drunk with Burgundy red wine. But you can also enjoy this typical dish with a wine from the South: from Provence or the Rhône Valley . It is essential to choose a well-structured wine that will not fade when faced with a powerfully flavored dish. Opt for a Burgundy wine from Côtes de Beaune , a Bandol or a Côtes du Rhône .

Stewed meat dishes are drunk with red wine. We choose the wine according to the intensity of the meat. A Provençal stew, a lamb navarin will need a full-bodied wine. While a blanquette of veal will prefer a slightly lighter wine.

What food and wine pairings with apple and pear crumble?

Apples, pears, dried fruits and cinnamon are the stars of desserts in the fall months. You can enjoy them in different recipes:

  • Apple/pear crumble;
  • Pear cinnamon muffin;
  • Dried fruit brownie;
  • Nuts cake.

To accompany your desserts, crumble and muffin with autumn fruits, we recommend a soft white. Enveloping and warm, an Alsace , a Côtes de Gascogne or a Sauternes will go wonderfully with this type of dessert.

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