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5 Marinades Faciles pour votre Barbecue

5 Easy Marinades for your Barbecue

Want originality during your barbecues? What if you tried homemade marinades? We offer you 5 very easy to make marinade ideas to bring a touch of originality and lots of flavor to your meat, fish and vegetables.

Marinades are ideal for adding more flavor to your preparations and prevent the meat from drying out too much during cooking, in the end you enjoy meat or vegetables that are juicier and with a stronger taste.

barbecue marinade

The duration of the marinade will depend on the food, but you need at least 3 hours in the fridge for poultry and white meats, 4 hours for red meat. Fish and vegetables require less time. If you don't have enough time, cut the meat into small pieces, this will speed up the process and the marinade will penetrate the flesh more quickly. For the fish, leave it whole and simply pour the marinade over it.

Marinade 1: Spreads

Here is an original way to use your spreads and tapenades during your barbecue. You used to simply offer them as an aperitif, you can also incorporate them into your marinade. Either in a very simple and quick way by covering your meat, fish and vegetables with a thin layer, or by mixing your spreads with a little olive oil and spices for a more elaborate recipe. For red meats, do not hesitate to combine them with bold flavors, such as chorizo ​​piperade or olive tapenades , for fish I recommend milder flavors so as not to take over the delicate flesh of the fish with vegetable spreads, such as ratatouille cream. Vegetables go well with almost all flavors, let your creativity choose!

meat marinade

Marinade 2: Mustard

Here is a very easy and quick marinade idea, use mustard! Cover your meat with a thin layer of mustard and let it rest for a few hours. The mustard will tenderize the meat and when cooking will form a beautiful crust all around the meat, delicious. The best is to use a grain mustard , which will add more texture to the marinade, or a flavored mustard which will give an extra flavor to your meat. I recommend this marinade for red meat in particular, because the balance of flavors will be better respected, or with vegetable skewers.

Marinade 3: Flavored oil

fish marinade

Probably the simplest and quickest marinade , olive oil with Provence herbs. You can choose an already flavored olive oil , or simply brush your fish and vegetables with a good olive oil and add Provence herbs . This marinade will be ideal for vegetables and fish which have a finer taste, which will pair perfectly with this subtle and balanced marinade.

Marinade 4: Spices and Herbs

Lovers of spicy flavors, barbecue marinades are an ideal playground for testing new flavors. Simply mix a little olive oil with the spices of your choice and marinate meat and fish in it for several hours. Guaranteed success! You can use just one spice, like red curry (perfect for meats), combine several like Herbes de Provence and Cajun Blend (ideal for fish and vegetables). Or even simpler, use a ready-made spice mix, either a barbecue mix , or use a mixture of Four-Spices Vallée du Faraony to season your white meats.

barbecue marinade

Marinade 5: Honey

If you like sweet and sour flavors , let yourself be tempted by honey-based marinades. Choose a rather liquid honey, such as Burgundy honey , whose texture will adapt more easily to cooking, then combine it either with a little lemon and a few sprigs of rosemary or with spices of your choice. The honey will soften the meat, give it a softer flavor and when cooked will form a beautiful caramelized crust that is simply delicious. Honey and thyme mustard from Provence will also perfectly flavor your white meats: brush the mustard on your meat.

All you have to do is get started!

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