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Les vins du Beaujolais : intenses et fruités

Beaujolais wines: intense and fruity

The region has long been associated with Beaujolais Nouveau only and yet it reinvents itself every year and offers us exceptional wines . The Beaujolais vineyard offers one of the best price/pleasure ratios in France, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

Crus du Beaujolais or Beaujolais Nouveau ?

Beaujolais wines are still too often associated with Beaujolais Nouveau alone, and yet the Beaujolais region has much more to offer.

This region is the home of Gamay . This red grape variety is very fruity and not very tannic. It makes it possible to produce easy-drinking and light wines , as well as bottles capable of aging for more than 10 years.

For simple occasions, if you are looking for a drinkable wine , turn to a Beaujolais-Nouveau or a Beaujolais villages . They will accompany your aperitifs, and small impromptu meals with friends. They are also perfect for summer barbecues.

We advise you to also discover the Beaujolais wines . There are excellent discoveries at very attractive prices. The wines of Morgons and Moulin à Vent are wines for keeping . These red wines are full-bodied, more tannic and intense. They can easily age for around ten years (if you have the patience to wait). These are high quality bottles at very affordable prices . We offer you vintages of Morgon , Chiroubles ,... to discover here .

In the Fleurié region , wines are produced with a beautiful aromatic intensity of red fruits and flowers. As for Chiroubles and Saint-Amour , the wines are lighter and full of finesse.

With its multiple terroirs, the Beaujolais region offers us wines for all occasions and which will please all red wine lovers.

Beaujolais grape varieties

Beaujolais is the Gamay Noir region. It is on the terroirs of the Beaujolais region that Gamay delivers its greatest potential. It makes it possible to produce wines of great purity, intense and fruity . It is a grape variety that is relatively little cultivated and is rarely found outside this region. Gamay has made Beaujolais wines famous.

Even though the region produces almost exclusively red wines (98%), some winegrowers also grow Chardonnay. This grape variety offers great white wines with notes of citrus, honey or white flowers.

Terroir of the Beaujolais region

The Beaujolais region has one of the most diverse soils in French vineyards. On a fairly small area there are more than 73 different types of soil . This allows Gamay to have a wide range of expression and to offer wines with different profiles depending on the terroir. The climate is temperate which allows the vines to flourish.

In the south of the region, we mainly find clay-limestone soils . The wines are more opulent and sunny.

In the north, the soils are predominantly granitic . It is in this part of the region that we find the AOP Beaujolais-Villages and the Crus du Beaujolais. The wines are fruity and intense, with good aging potential.

Appellation of the Beaujolais region

The diversity and richness of the terroirs of the Beaujolais vineyard offers us a beautiful range of high quality appellations:

  • Beaujolais
  • Beaujolais Villages
  • Brouilly, discover our selection of Brouilly here
  • Chenas
  • Chiroubles, discover our selection of Chiroubles here
  • Côte de Brouilly , discover our selection of Côte de Brouilly here
  • Flowery
  • Julienas
  • Morgon, discover our selection of Morgon here
  • Windmill, our selection to discover
  • Régnié
  • Saint-Amour

Now that you know the Beaujolais region better, let yourself be tempted by a Morgon , a Chiroubles , or a Beaujolais-Nouveau.

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