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Francis Darroze , guided by his visionary instinct, realized early on that Armagnac could be worked like wine, on a single estate, without blending, in small, perfectly traceable batches. A vision and dedication that he shares with his son Marc , today at the helm of Armagnacs Darroze , and which offers a wide variety of rare Armagnacs that highlight the work of local artisans. The Darroze family has built its reputation and established its uniqueness through the Unique collection of Armagnacs from the most beautiful properties in the region. Each is aged in a room of oak that is personal to it and each will offer a different character. The name of the property, the year of production and the bottling date guarantee this unique diversity in Armagnac. Also find subtle and mastered blends of Armagnacs from different terroirs, different years and different styles which give each vintage an identity that only the complementarity of the vintages allows. These mastered marriages guarantee a regular taste and balance over time and a varied pleasure depending on the age of each Armagnac offered (8, 12, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 years).

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