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Domaine Philippe Gavignet

Domaine Philippe Gavignet is a wine estate located in Saint George Nights in the heart of Burgundy. Family winery currently led by Philip who entered the business in 1979. But it was only in 1992 that he took over the estate entirely following the retirement of his father Michel. With the arrival of Benoit , in August 2015, and Elodie, in January 2018, children of Philippe, it is the 5th generation which integrates the family farm. Today the estate covers an area of ​​14 hectares bringing together 16 different appellations . For many years, the estate has practiced reasoned pest management with the aim of producing healthy grapes, guaranteeing the quality of the wine, and preserving the natural environment by limiting the use of harmful products as much as possible. Each plot of the estate is carefully exploited in order to produce Burgundy wines of indisputable quality and whose personality reflects the authenticity of the terroir from which they come. The harvest is entirely done by hand.

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